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Zalto Spittoon 250

At Zaltify we truly believe that the Zalto glasses evoke the best wine taste. For wine tastings, wine parties and wine events all over the world, the Zalto glasses are widely used and acknowledged by wine lovers and experts. We recommend completing the ‘Zalto style’ by having the most exclusive and exquisite ‘spit bucket’ on the market.

Zalto has developed the Zalto Spittoon as an indispensable tool for every fine wine tasting. The Zalto Spittoon is mouth-blown of smoked lead-free crystal and comes in both red, green and grey. Give your guests the best tool to enhance the wine experience.

This is how it works: The tasted wine goes into the Zalto Spittoon 50 which, once full, is transferred into the Zalto Spittoon 250. And like this, you have the perfect setup for your fine and exclusive wine events.

At Zaltify we also recommend using the Zalto Spittoon as a decorative, elegant and stylish vase for flowers to beautify your home.

Height: 210 mm. Volume capacity: 2600 ml